Suburban Street Trading Company, Inc is an International Trading Company, dedicated to providing next-generation selling solutions to innovative young companies around the world; while creating new, custom-tailored opportunities for our wholesale and retail partners.   We specialize in luxury natural brands, but routinely work with clients, buyers, and brand partners in a wide range of markets.  


Our firm is proud to partner with some of the most innovative, dynamic companies from across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia as we continue to bring revolutionary new products to market.   


Our mission: create value and increase sales for emerging brands in the specialty foods and luxury skin/hair care markets

    ...while providing our retail partners with innovative new brands to increase sales and competitiveness.


  • Passion:  Our heart and soul behind everything we do.

  • Courage:   Because ‘who dares wins’.

  • Integrity:  Truth without compromise.

  • Trust:  Loyalty to friends and partners, whatever the cost.

  • Quality:  Our clients deserve our very best.

  • Country:  One business at a time.

  • Faith:  Leading lives of Eternal purpose.    

Company Mottos

   "Innovation.  Disruption.  Perfection."

   "Quality and value or nothing at all..."

Founder:  Veteran US Marine officer, Eric J. Martindale