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LA FAON Limited is a Taiwan-based luxury skincare and cosmetics company that is regarded in East Asia as one of the highest quality firms of its kind.  LA FAON maintains the cutting edge of skincare, bringing to market the latest in the natural skincare revolution, to include Apple Stem Cell, Hyaluraonic Acid, and Centella Asiatica in the firm's new patented Ecodew Technology.   

As a veteran cosmetics firm just making its introduction in the US, LA FAON's focus continues to be on refining its product line of extraordinary anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and skin hydration products.  All of this firm's products are formulated and produced in a GMP certified laboratory from the finest ingredients available.  LA FAON's leadership is dedicated to sustainable production, and the company actively opposes animal testing.   

Contact us today at for wholesale and distributor pricing for LA FAON Instant Lifting Serum with Hyluronic Acid and Apple Stem Cell, or any of LA FAON's revolutionary, natural skincare products.   

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