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For more than 10 years, Y Not Natural has been building a revolution in skincare, one powerful ingredient at a time.  Founder and CEO Mervin Anderson has built his dynamic company on the idea that the most powerful ingredients come from nature.  True to his vision, each incredible Y Not Natural product is at least 99.9% natural and produced in a world-class, pharmaceutical grade laboratory.  Through an unprecedented degree of scientific research and clinical trials, Y Not Natural has truly fused the power of nature with the brilliance of science.  Y Not Natural just may have created the best natural skin care products on earth.


Y Not Natural maintains the following innovative brands:

  • Y Not Natural Skincare and Hair care

  • Jillaroo Luxury Natural Skincare

  • Kalang Natural Fragrances and Cosmetics

  • Genome Hair Growth and Amplification Products

Email us today at for wholesale and distributor pricing.  Be the first among your competitors to offer these exclusive lines of premium natural skin care products. 

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